Hi!  This is my very first blog entry, so I am excited.  I think I’ll make it a bit on the shorter side, in case I totally screw up and have to start all over.  Whether you are trying to loose weight, or just eat better, one of the highest priorities should be planning your snacks!  You have to take a little extra time in the evening or first thing in the morning to prepare your snacks.  Gotta’ have a game plan man!!!!   If the snacks need to be refrigerated, just bring along a little soft sided cooler with a small ice pack in it.  Bring little baggies or tupperware with your healthy snacks in it.  This will keep you from entering the “starving mode”, which is when you will grab anything that even resembles food (often filled with…who knows what), and then you shove not only one piece of whatever the heck it is into your mouth, but several pieces of….yuck.  So, how do we combat that?  You’ve got your cute little cooler right there at your desk, in your car, in your backpack….and into it you delve.

When you’re planning the snacks, try and keep it simple.  Just ask yourself that wonderful question, “Is it going to NOURISH me?”  Goldfish doesn’t nourish.  Popcorn doesn’t nourish.  Twinkies…you got it, don’t nourish.  What does?  Here are some suggestions:

vegetable with hummus, or Yogurt Ranch Dressing (Bolthouse Farms is yummy)

vegetables; carrots, cucumber, red pepper, broccoli, peas, celery

almonds and other nuts (NOT THE WHOLE bag either!  a small amount will do!! Like 8 almonds)

quinoa- I LOVE boiling up a pot of quinoa.  I usually use 1/2 vegetable stock, 1/2 water to prepare it, so it has a bit more flavor.  Then you can do whatever you want to it!  Add corn, or beans (I like black beans), jalapenos, edamame, tomato…oh boy the list goes on and on.  You could also drizzle 1 tsp of Le Parisien Original Vinaigrette or your favorite healthy dressing.  This is a great snack or part of your lunch:)

Applesauce (natural)

Fruits- fruits are great!  It is a good idea to eat the fruit with a little bit of a protein though- like peanut butter, as it will help with your blood sugar levels.  Don’t overdo that healthy peanut/almond butter though people!  Yes, it’s a GOOD fat, but even the good fats pile on the calories and L B’s!

Part-skim Mozzarella Cheese sticks

Healthy energy bars, such as Luna Bars, or Cascadian Farm makes a great Vanilla Apple SUPER Square bar (CostCo find). It has quinoa, chia, flax and buckwheat in it and  good sugar, calorie, sodium numbers.

What about cereals!???!  Some are great snacks!!  Try KASHI’s GoLEAN Crisp.  I like Cinnamon Crumble, and this packs a bunch of nutrition into just a 3/4 cup serving.  180 calories, 4g fat, 32 carb, 9g sugar, and 11g Protein.  Awesome.

you see where I’m going with this…….

The first few times of choosing and bagging your snacks, you will want to measure it out- just good to see about how much 1 serving is.


So important to plan this out, and it will make you feel so much better!!!!!!

Please share some of your favorite snacks for adults and especially for kids!!!  Let’s end childhood OBESITY!!!!!