My friends and family whom are doing PiYO and SHAKEOLOGY have achieved and continue to get AMAZING and Powerful results- they have inspired me! My friend Katie lost almost 9 pounds and 8 inches in just 8 weeks. Dr. Daisy, a friend of mine whom just turned 50, lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks!  She chiseled 3 inches off her waist, and 2 inches from her chest (a full cup size) and she went from a size 10 to size 4.  I have shared my before and after pic’s as well- I’m astounded by the posture change, increase in strength and definition! Please notice the lack of back fat around my swimsuit 🙂 ha ha!!


This is Katie 🙂


Dr. Daisy! I love these transformations! Way to GO!!!





LET’s make today YOUR DAY *You only get one life my friends*

xoxoxo Wanda





Just 8 weeks ago, I committed to this;

~20-35 minutes of PiYO workouts (on DVD’s) for 6 days a week (low impact) for 60 days

~Replaced breakfast or one snack with the Superfood Nutrition drink called SHAKEOLOGY

~ 3-Day Refresh Cleanse


My RESULTS after 8 weeks?

LOST ~ 8 pounds
LOST ~ 8.5 inches (2.5 off my waist)
LOST ~ CHRONIC Back pain, and the need to adjust my waist band every time I sit down!
LOST ~cravings for junk food and diet coke

GAINED~ better posture
GAINED~ definition in upper arms (I actually have triceps now!), abs, lower back
GAINED~ flexibility in hip flexors, shoulders, back, obliques
GAINED~ increase in energy!
GAINED~better balance
GAINED~more time to do other things!